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Is BARRK secure?

All the information that you enter in your BARRK application is 100% secure with our local backup servers. The servers are serviced/backed up daily so that your rescue’s vital information is never lost. Never.

Strict strategies are in place to prevent any unauthorized tinkering or viewing of your rescue’s information. Privacy settings are encrypted so that any personal information you enter is secure and only obtainable by authorized members of your rescue.

What kind of reports can I get?

BARRK’s powerful data cataloguing gives you immediate results at your finger tips when you need specific information. From your rescue’s fosters & adopter listing, veterinarian appointments for any particular week, to getting your event organized, BARRK can do it all!

Share only specific data with other members or volunteers with BARRK’s filtering options. Export the information to Excel or other CSV compatible software.

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