Spread the word and get FREE BARRK!

It’s simple… when you join & subscribe to BARRK, refer other rescues to the great features and time-saving solutions that BARRK offers. When those referrals subscribe & join, you receive FREE services.

Here’s how…

Refer 1 other rescue and they sign up = you get 1 month of FREE BARRK added to your subscription

Refer 2 rescues and they sign up = 2 months FREE
… and so on …

*Note: BARRK reserves the right to change or cancel the Referral Program
and/or its policies without notification.

barrk referral program

The rules

They’re simple…

  • Referrals who sign up must purchase minimum of 6 months of BARRK.
  • Your rescue’s name MUST be on their subscription form in order for you to receive your free services.
  • Referral organizations must be non-profit animal rescues only. Background checks will be performed when we receive their subscription.
  • Your subscription MUST be active and maintained for minimum of one year.