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BARRK is a cloud-based animal shelter and rescue management software. BARRK delivers tons of awesome features, amazingly budget-friendly and helps take care of all the aspects of running your business.

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How can BARRK help YOUR rescue?

  • MOBILE friendly
  • PETFINDER & SOCIAL MEDIA integration
  • Easy to use
  • Foster & Adopter Management
  • Customized reporting
  • Animal Management
  • Vet appointment alerts
  • Powerful
  • Incredible search filters

and so much more!

How BAARK compares to other management software

BARRKAnimal Shelter ManagementiShelterPet PointPetPal ManagerShelter Lynx
Mobile Friendly
Social Media Integration
Petfinder Integration
Website Integration
Animal Management
Adopter/Foster Management
Vet/Medical Records
Inventory Control
Event Organization
Customized Reporting
Customer Support

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